Code4Lib -- Chicago 2013

Evolving Towards a Consortium Not MARCR BIBFRAME Redis Datastore

Jeremy Nelson
Metadata and Systems Librarian
Colorado College

Sheila Yeh
Library Digital Infrastructure & Technology Coordinator
University of Denver

Colorado College, University of Denver, Colorado State University, and the Alliance of Research Libraries are currently collaborating on Redis Library Services Platform (RLSP), a new type of bibliographic datastore for accessing and managing library resources at scale.

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Why the name change?

The original title of this presentation, Evolving Towards a Consortium MARCR Redis Datastore, reflected the current naming scheme that was articulated by Sally McCullum of the Bibliographic Framework Transition at the Library of Congress in a presentation she gave on that group's work. Later in 2012, this group formally released the same model with some minor changes (i.e. Work now became Creative Work) that dropped the term, MARCR, in favor of BIBFRAME.

Addendum to Presentation

Most terms referenced in this presentation are briefly defined in a Glossary, a list of resources including links to most of the technology used in in RLSP and in this presentation are available on the References page.